Friday, June 26, 2009

Hela artikeln i NME

Arcade Fire-d up for return
"It could be that we'll play live soon," says Win Butler,
opening the lid on new writing sessions

Arcade Fire have revealed that they have cancelled their hiatus to gear up work on the follow-up to 2007's 'Neon Bible'.
Frontman Win Butler told NME the band have enjoyed their time away from the limelight since the 'Neon Bible' tour ended at the beginning of 2008, but that they could return to live and record-releasing action sooner rather than later.
"None of us want to take three years making a record," he explained. "It could be that we'll play live [soon] and maybe we'll end up bashing it [another album] out fast. We're in the middle of writing, things are coming together, it's a great feeling."
Butler added that the band's songwriting process at home in Montreal had reverted to how it was before they found fame, moving away from the high-pressure of having to deliver a follow-up to acclaimed 2005 debut 'Funeral'.
"After the last tour we decided to stop," he explained. "But over the last few months we've been coming back out and wanting to play together. Before 'Funeral' me and Régine [Chassagne, Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist and Butler's wife] had this big room to rehearse in. We never had scheduled band practice. People like Tim [Kingsbury, bass/guitar] and Richard [Reed Parry, multi-instrumentalist] and Will [Butler, synth/bass/percussionist] would come by and work on a song. Now the guys are calling and wanting to come over. We're writing and allowing the arrangements to happen. It's exciting. The first time you play a song and it comes alive it's the real deal. There's a lot of that these days."
After confirming that songwriting sessions were ticking along nicely, Butler revealed that he had also started to get the itch to play live again. "If you had asked me six months ago I'd be like, 'No, I'm good'," he outlined. "But now I go to a gig and I get the little... I can imagine being on that stage. It's the step before you actually go and do it."

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Arcade Fire announce new album details and live plans
Win Butler sends an update on the band's follow up to 'Neon Bible'
Jun 25, 2009

Arcade Fire's Win Butler says it's more than feasible that the band could return to the live and record-releasing scene sooner than fans expect.

In an interview that you can read in this week's issue of NME (available to buy nationwide from June 24), the frontman revealed that Arcade Fire have now reconvened to start work on the follow up to 'Neon Bible' – and that it could be released quicker than people think.

"None of us want to take three years making a record," Butler explained. "It could be that we'll play live [soon] and maybe we'll end up bashing it [another album] out fast. We're in the middle of writing, things are coming together, it's a great feeling."

Butler added that he's itching to get back to playing gigs.

"If you had asked me [about playing live] six months ago I'd be like 'No, I'm good'," he said. "But now I go to a gig and I get the little…I can imagine being on that stage. It's the step before you actually go and do it."

Pick up this week's issue of NME (out across the UK from June 24) to read the full interview with Butler concerning Arcade Fire's future plans.
Hjärtat bultar! Nu är man ju riktigt på tårna igen, woo!

Arcade Fire lever!

Win ska tydligen, jag har inte läst det själv, sagt till denna veckas utgåva av NME att vi kan förvänta oss den nya skivan och påföljande turné snarare än förväntat. Vad det innebär riktigt är ju givetvis svårt att säga men det är ju helt klart mycket positivt att höra. Vidare säger han att hoppas den pågående inspelningen av nya plattan går snabbt och att han inte kan vänta tills de kan turnéra igen. Jag hoppas nu verkligen detta är sant. Återkommer givetvis med mer angående detta om det dyker upp något.

The Box trailer

Musiken i trailern är tyvärr alltså inte från soundtracket som Win, Régine och Owen Pallett har gjort. Ser väl ut som en helt okej film men det är ju soundtracket jag riktigt längtar efter! Deras namn nämns i alla fall i credits på slutet (2:03).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Annie <3


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sådan enorm saknad. Inte ett livstecken från Arcade Fire på evigheter nu.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Richard Kelly om musiken till The Box

Richard Kelly berättar ingående om The Box för Mr. Beaks på den nästan alltid intressanta sidan Ain't It Cool News. Här är ett utdrag från deras samtal som handlar om musiken till filmen som ju Win och Régine från Arcade Fire tillsammans med Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) har gjort.
Kelly: Yeah. But I spent a long time really working on the story, and hopefully turning it into something that is thought provoking. I guess I can show you the trailer. (Pulls out a laptop.) The music in the film was done by Win Butler, Regine Chassagne and Owen Pallett.

Beaks: That's the whole Arcade Fire collaboration we've been hearing about.

Kelly: Right. And Owen is a part of Final Fantasy, but he collaborates with Arcade Fire quite a bit. Marcus Dravs engineered the score with them. He did their last two albums and just did Coldplay's new album.

Beaks: That's a bit of a coup.

Kelly: It was a long, long courtship to get them to do it. The score from the trailer is not them. It's sort of trailer score, you know?

Beaks: And this is the score that will be on the final trailer?

Kelly: Yes, I believe so. Just so you know that, when you hear the score, it's not Win and Regine. You've probably heard the trailer score before. But in a weird way, when you're trying to broadly market a film... I don't question the science of it. Because they do have it down to a science. But the score that [Win, Regine and Owen] did is very Bernard Herrmann. It's very lush. They did eighty minutes of score.

Beaks: Really? Depending on the run time of the movie, that's a lot. Did you let them score long passages of the film?

Kelly: There's a sequence in the library with no dialogue for four minutes that's all music. It's a very score-heavy film. And there's pop songs in it, too. We have Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead, Wilson Pickett, Scott Walker and The Marshall Tucker Band. It's Virginia 1976, so I wanted to have that Southern Rock flavor.
Det är alltså INTE deras musik som är med på trailern som kommer släppas snart.

Vad är en midsommar utan go musik?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

9 minuter och 24 sekunder av ren och skär magi

Än idag de bästa studioframträdanden jag sett någonsin. Blir nykär i Arcade Fire varje gång jag ser den här videon. Sådan enorm närvaro och passion från samtliga i bandet.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Win avskyr Nickelback

Jag tror nog att inte allt för många, utanför deras fanbase, skulle protestera om jag sa att Nickelback är ett av världens sämsta band. Hur man f.ö. kan vara ett fan av detta band är en av livets gåtor men det kan vi väl ta någon annan dag. I vilket fall som helst så var Win med i en debatt på 2006 Future of Music Policy Summit där han en bit in i klippet nedan inte kan dölja vad han tycker om just Nickelback.

I mean, as shitty as the radio is I mean atleast you're like listening to a song.
And I wish this Nickelback song wasn't on after, you know I... Jesus Christ!!
How in the hell are they still going!

HAHA! Skrattar varje gång jag ser det här klippet. Om ni inte redan vet vad det är Win syftar på där kan ni hoppa hit så ska ni få höra och häpna. Återanvändning är inte alltid bra... Klippet ovan är bara ett utdrag från diskussionen. Vill ni höra hela så kan ni tanka den här som mp3a.