Friday, April 30, 2010

Info about Arcade Fire tickets to Dalhalla

The tickets for this went on general sale this morning and there are now only a very limited number of tickets left to the centre lower and middle sections. So to anyone who is looking to go to this I'd recommend getting your ticket asap so you don't end up on the sides or at the back.

It doesn't really matter where in the lower sections you are. It's just important because sometimes there are security checking you actually have a ticket to the lower sections. Otherwise you won't be allowed to go down there to dance and jump around.

And for those interested; everyone who bought tickets from Arcade (CrowdSurge) will get a ticket to the lower sections from what I've gathered. The very first ended up in "Section C Lower" (1) and when that section was full they started filling up "Section B Lower" (2).
This is awesome because it means it will pretty much only be people in the lower sections who truly love and adore Arcade Fire. Bring it on!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arcade Fire at Dalhalla!! (my year is made)

The first solo show announced! Tickets are on sale NOW. Buy them over at I've got mine!

There are moments in this life you'll remember for quite some time. This morning I had one of those. I had to re-read what was on my screen like 5-6 times before I could grasp it. Arcade Fire is coming to Sweden on June 30th and are playing at the spectacular Dalhalla venue in the middle of nowhere. Well, Rättvik is pretty close. I always wanted to go see a show there and now finally it's happening. I'm breaking it in by seeing the band which I love the most, could be a lot worse...

I could go on and on about how happy I am right now but that would really fast get boring. Instead, check out the amazing photos of Dalhalla below. See you there folks!

Update #1
Luger, the promotor, has released an official announcement.

Update #2
You don't need to wait until Friday 30th April as the Dalhalla website says to get your tickets. There's a presale going on right NOW over at

Update #3
Magnus: How do you think the gig at Dalhalla will be, considering it's seated?
Joel: At the front sections and up against the rail pretty much no one will be sitting down. Everyone will go crazy. Me and my friends included. We will be jumping, singing along, dancing and looking giddy the entire show. I urge everyone to do the same and join us. Let's make this as fun as it possibly can be. I know for a fact Arcade Fire wants everyone to sing along and clap and really connect with them on stage and not just sit there. Let's go!! :)

Update #4
People between 6-19 years old or students with Mecenat cards can NOT get free tickets from Dalhalla's website tomorrow when the tickets go on general sale to the public at 10:00 CET (10am CET). It was a mistake by the venue organizers which has now been corrected on their website. Those tickets will apparently cost just as much as the other tickets.

Update #5
Tickets now on general sale from either or

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweden? YES! Way Out West? No.

There's been lots of speculation whether or not Arcade Fire will play Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden following the confirmation from Arcade Fire's manager Scott Rodger the band is coming to Sweden and that an announcement should be made sometime early this week. Well, tomorrow Way Out West are announcing the latest batch of bands and Arcade Fire are NOT among them.

This is so awesome I don't know what to do with myself because this should mean Arcade Fire are going to do a proper outdoor show (not a festival show) somewhere in Sweden. Stockholm has been ruled out.

Lately they have been looking at outdoor parks, city squares and fields in other countries where about 2-3,000 people could rock out. Would imagine something like that would be the case here too.

Bring on the announcement! Will probably happen when the new website is relaunched.

Arcade Fire dot com soon to be relaunched

Looks like some last minute testing is under-way before they unleash the beast. Scott Rodger last week mentioned the website was soon to be revealed. Stay tuned.

*Update #1*
The log-in post is gone now.

*Update #2: April 28th, 01:00 CET*
Further updates. Nothing major though. CrowdSurge seems to be the company dealing with all ticket sales now. Not just for I-Day Festival in Italy.

Arcade Fire confirmed for Festival d'ete de Quebec 2010

Arcade Fire are now confirmed to play Festival d'ete de Quebec (Québec City's Summer Festival) on July 12th. More details after the jump.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update: Scenes from the Suburb wrap party

ATX Event Systems just tweeted this.
RT @atxeventsystems: 4/25/10: The Arcade Fire @ Austin Film Studios. 10:30pm.
I'm not sure what it means really. I don't know if it's open to the public. But if you're down in Austin, TX it might be well worth checking out.

This post will be updated as/if more info is made available.

The event is a wrap party for the short film Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze have been working on. The party is a private event. Sorry folks.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spike Jonze & Arcade Fire - Scenes from the Suburb

Told you guys a few days ago the short film's working title is likely "Scenes from the Suburb". Today I was told a production assistant said to look for the film in mid-August (thanks Lacey!). Would make perfect sense with how I see Arcade Fire go about releasing their new album.

Yesterday I found the casting call for the short film Spike Jonze and the band are collaborating on. It includes some pretty interesting facts like how long the shooting down in Austin will continue for and characters needed for the short film. Most eye-catching is probably that Jonze is looking for people with a "suburban look". Draw your own conclusions.
Paid Extras Casting Call For Spike Jonze Short Film in Austin, Texas

Posted By: Chris Weidner Category: Austin, Casting/Crew Calls

Paid Extras Casting Call For Spike Jonze Short Film in Austin, Texas.

Studio/Independent/Student: Studio
Project Type: Short Film
Location: Austin, Texas
Schedule: April 20 – April 26, 2010

Director: Spike Jonze

Character Breakdowns:
Extras Needed:

* MILITARY: Men and women (over 18) with a military background or who look convincingly military. Any ethnicity. All body types considered. Especially need bigger/tougher looking men.
* MOTHER: Age 40-60. Need frail/thin. Small.
* TRUCKERS: Truck Drivers or those with a trucker look. Bigger guys. Facial hair okay. Age 25-55.
* BUSINESSMEN: Corporate business types. Confident, capable. Age 40-55.
* TOWNSPEOPLE: All ages and ethnicities. Especially looking for those with a middle class or suburban look.

Day rate for all roles is $58/8, except for Mother, who is $100/12

Paid/Non-Paid: Paid
Meals/Transportation Provided: Meal, Beverages

If you are interested in working with us, please email your NAME, BEST CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, and a RECENT PHOTOGRAPH to

Please tell us which category above you think you’re right for (MILITARY, TOWNSPERSON, etc) and put that IN THE SUBJECT LINE of your email. Please also tell us which days between APR 20 and APR 26 you are available.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Album of the Year (thus far)

The National's new album High Violet is sensational. Album of the year so far by a landslide. I think this record will eclipse both Alligator and Boxer for me with more listens. Richard Reed Parry's heavy involvement is very noticable which of course is a very good thing. Read more about his contribution in this post. Can't wait until I get my deep deep dark purple vinyl copy. Bliss.
Stream High Violet in its entirety.

Thank you muchly, The National!

Friday bulletins

  • Today from 8:30am EST (local times around the planet) the new album High Violet from The National will be streaming over at New York Times "in its intended level of quality". I can't tell you all how strongly I suggest you all give this a listen, or twenty-six! Richard Reed Parry has contributed heavily to the record. The album will come out on May 11th on 4AD.
  • Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry and The National's Aaron Dessner working on the debut album from Little Scream. Read more about it in this article.
  • Rumour has it that Arcade Fire will play two nights at Webster Hall, New York in June.
  • Arcade Fire are currently looking for outdoor places to play with capacity for approx. 2-3,000 people.
  • Check out some great photos from last night's The Luyas show. Arcade Fire's violinist Sarah Neufeld is playing with them on tour right now. Looks like a very special and wonderful gig.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arcade Fire coming to Sweden!!

Arcade Fire's awesome manager Scott Rodger has confirmed the band is coming to Sweden. An announcement should be made early next week as to where and when. A Stockholm date is however ruled out.

I'd say the festival Way Out West in Gothenburg is a good bet.

Just to clarify: I'm only guessing Way Out West could be where they'll play based on their schedule and a few other things, but there are numerous other possibilities. Not even sure it's a festival date.

Arcade Fire show(s) in Dublin & other tidbits

  • Scott Rodger last night confirmed Arcade Fire are coming to Dublin, Ireland this year. Could be those dates at the O2 Jim Carroll hinted at earlier.
  • The new official website will soon be launched.
  • Shows will be announced weekly on
  • Arcade Fire will come to Spain later in the year.
  • There will be some more UK shows announced, but not many.
  • A date in Finland this time around may well be on the cards.
  • There's a presale for Ottawa Bluesfest here. Promo code: place
  • Presale also for Arcade Fire at I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy. No code needed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rodgman delivers excitement!

Arcade Fire's manager Scott Rodger just tweeted this.
Arcade Fire live dates will be announced weekly. Best to check in with for details. New site launching soon.

Are we excited?
That's what I thought. update

Arcade Fire's official website has been updated with all confirmed festival shows to date.

Hove Festival, Arendal, NORWAY, Friday July 2nd

Rock Werchter, Werchter, BELGIUM, Sunday 4th July

Oxegen, Dublin, IRELAND, Friday 9th July

Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa, CANADA, Tuesday 13th July

Osheaga Festival, Montreal, CANADA, Saturday 31st July

Lollapalooza, Chicago, USA, Sunday 8th August

Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK, Friday 27th August

Reading Festival, Reading, UK, Saturday 28th August

Rock En Seine, Domaine National de Saint-Cloud, FRANCE, Sunday 29th August

I-DAY Festival, Bologna, Italy, Thursday Sep 2nd 2010
Pre-sale link:

Would this mark the end of the festival shows announcements? Guess we'll soon find out.

Confirmed: Arcade Fire headline Ottawa Bluesfest 2010

The lineup for the Ottawa Bluesfest was released this morning and unsurprisingly Arcade Fire are among the headliners. The band will play on the mbna stage on July 13.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scenes from the Suburb

The title, or at least working title, on the short film Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire are collaborating on could quite possibly be "Scenes from the Suburb", which would make sense for a lot of reasons. This postcard being one of them. The suburban theme/direction on the new album seems a certain at this point.

Spike Jonze makes things better

Director: Spike Jonze. Insane music video, but oh so awesome!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Confirmed: Arcade Fire headline I-Day Festival 2010

Official confirmation came through this morning, Arcade Fire will headline I-Day Festival on September 2nd. The festival is held in Arena Parco Nord in Bologna, Italy. More info after the jump.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Arcade Fire coming to Italy

The Italian booking agency Indipendiente have on their twitter and facebook announced Arcade Fire are coming to Italy. The city and date will soon be announced. My Italian is non-existent, but it could be the band will play in Bologna on September 2nd.

From what I gather though that specific date/city is far from a certain at this point.

Was just informed it's very very likely that Arcade Fire are indeed playing in Bologna, Italy on September 2nd.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Special shows on the horizon

The man who's always in the know, Arcade Fire's manager Scott Rodger, yesterday let us know some smaller, special shows will soon be announced. Best news all week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Continue to stand with Haiti

Arcade Fire: Help Haiti Build Back Better After the Earthquake — Support Partners In Health

As a nation recovers from January's devastating earthquake, Arcade Fire and Partners In Health ask you to Stand With Haiti to rebuild the schools, hospitals, and homes of the Haitian people. Supported by a program of ongoing disaster relief and sustainable development, the people of Haiti won't just build back, but Build Back Better from this tragedy.

On January 12, 2010, Partners In Health was on the ground in Haiti. PIH was able to provide relief and save lives thanks to nearly 25 years' experience working and collaborating with the Haitian government and community. Partners In Health will continue to be there, long after others have left, working for the future of Haiti.

Support PIH:
Please consider making a donation.

The Luyas with Sarah Neufeld

Quite a few eyebrows were raised when Arcade Fire's violinist Sarah Neufeld wasn't on that postcard. Had she quit the band? Well, I've since not heard anything about her quitting and I bet she was just busy laughing and playing shows with The Luyas. Their debut album is out sometime later this year and now there's a song you can check out. Taken of course from that debut.
[MP3] The Luyas - Tiny Head (via Pitchfork)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stream the new LCD Soundsystem album

LCD Soundsystem's new album This Is Happening is released on the 17th next month. However, you can now stream it in its entirety from their website.

When 'Dance Yrself Clean' really gets going it's quite overwhelming. Can't wait to see them live!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Here by Spike Jonze

Following the exciting news yesterday Spike Jonze is working with Arcade Fire on a short film I just wanted to make everyone aware of Jonze's wonderful short film "I'm Here" he made available for free not long ago. Trailer:

Look mom, I'm on Pitchfork!

Pleasantly surprised. Thanks to everyone who got in touch in different ways and pointed out this to me.

Have a terrific weekend all of you!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Confirmed: Arcade Fire working with Spike Jonze!

Bliss! Absolute bliss! One of my favourite film directors, Spike Jonze, and Arcade Fire are indeed collaborating on a short film down in Austin, TX. A spokesperson for Spike Jonze today confirmed the ever intensifying speculation by telling MTV News the following.
Spike will be in Austin shooting a short film which is a collaboration with Arcade Fire.
The spokesperson however declined to comment any further on the project. /Film earlier today reported the story revolves around a concept of "friends growing apart" and that Spike Jonze has been casting mostly late teen actors for the project.

Round 2: Spike Jonze working with Arcade Fire after all...

So says /Film anyway, despite Arcade Fire's publicist denying it yesterday. They claim on their twitter to have gotten confirmation on this from "the highest possible sources". This is what they are saying in full.
Today I learned that Spike Jonze (Where The Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich) was casting a secret film project in Austin Texas. Apparently Spike has been casting mostly late teen actors for the project, which is supposedly a story which involves “friends growing apart.”

The only bits of information I’ve been able to uncover from official sources is that the project is another short film. It seems like Spike isn’t off his short film kick just yet (if you haven’t already, check out his robot love story I’m Here and We Were Once a Fairytale starring Kanye West). I also learned that the film is a collaboration with the band Arcade Fire. You might recall that Spike used Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up,” from their 2004 album Funeral, in the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are. No word on the length or what the official title might be. Thanks to /Film reader Sam for the tip.

The Playlist also backs up /Film's exclusive saying:
Update: Hmm....we've double checked and /Film's report according to sources up the food chain, appears to be on the money. We're waiting to hear back from our own source before we change our headline, but it appears the line in bold below in our original story is the culprit here. If so we gotta say it's really lame when publicists deny things to those they perceive to be low hanging fruit.

It would make sense that the band are readying promotional videos and material for their forthcoming album, particularly as their summer run of festival dates are looming but we will have to wait and see if the publicist's denial is merely to keep fans at bay until official word comes down the proper channels (most likely), or if its just a dream collaboration that's too good to be true.

Usually both of these sites are correct with their info. So, there you have it. Make up your own minds about it. I know what I believe is true. Stick around for more updates as I get them.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Final update: Spike Jonze working with Arcade Fire

According to filmmaker John Estrada Arcade Fire are right now down in Austin, TX shooting videos with world famous director Spike Jonze. This makes me so massively excited I'm not sure what to do with myself. Aaaah. I can't tell you all how bad I want this to be the case.

I want to stress that all this has not been confirmed.

*Update #1*
John Estrada has now protected his tweets. He didn't really say anything more though of importance than what I've already told you guys above.

*Update #2*
The guys over at Consequence of Sound have gotten word from Arcade Fire's publicist saying the rumours are untrue. Sad face.

*Final update: 9th April*
It's now of course been confirmed Arcade Fire are indeed collaborating with Spike Jonze.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Maxence Cyrin - No Cars Go

French pianist Maxence Cyrin has recorded a piano cover of one of Arcade Fire's most beloved songs, No Cars Go. You can find it on his latest album Novö Piano, which you can get here. Or just buy this cover.

Quite beautiful.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

US shows coming up!

Arcade Fire's manager Scott Rodger just revealed following the Lollapalooza announcement more US dates are coming up. I'd imagine these upcoming dates are proper venue shows. Lucky Americans!!

Confirmed: Arcade Fire to headline Lollapalooza 2010

It's been a done deal for a very long time. We've all just waited to get the official confirmation. This morning the headlining rumours and educated guesses became facts. Arcade Fire will headline Lollapalooza 2010 in Chicago, IL on Sunday 8th August. The date confirmed by their manager, Scott Rodger.

The other headliners are as I told you guys last week; Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga, The Strokes and Phoenix. Show me your teeth!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Will Butler's postcard to NME

To get some background to what this is all about read this post from a few days back. The first German-ish bit here at the beginning is the description of the postcard. The reason I'm saying "German-ish" is because it's really not correct German. Anyway, here's the full transcript of the postcard Will wrote to NME.
(Oberzt) Memberzen Arcade Fir mit Hausen.
Carolinicher Institut, Weldplatz

Dear NME,
Greetings from the Commonwealth. We are still hard at work on our new album. We can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel, though it is sometimes hard to tell exactly how far off that light is. If you know what I'm sayin'.

We're feeling confident enough at least, to commit to a major festival or two. We're really looking forward to playing the new songs live. It's been a while.

Playing songs to an audience less familiar with them is a specific challenge that I think this band enjoys. It's like an inventor emerging from his basement after a year's work to show off all his new gadgets, and trying to convince people that these new fangled things will actually improve their lives. Something like that. See you soon, I'm sure.

Will Butler
I should also point out that the "exclusive artwork" was, just as I suspected and told you guys, that silhouette picture. And as you've just read there's no mention what so ever of Arcade Fire premiering the songs at Reading and Leeds festivals. They will ofcourse not do a whole bunch of festivals prior to those festivals where they'll only play old songs. It's just NME trying to hype their own festival.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Festival rumours

The new and strong rumour that's been flying around this week is that Arcade Fire will play Ejekt Festival (July 13-14) in Athens, Greece. Another band also on the lineup is supposedly LCD Soundsystem, a band Arcade Fire are close friends with. Stay tuned.

In other news it's now more or less confirmed Arcade Fire will headline Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL after festival organisers put up the lineup with blanks for us to fill in. At the top of the bill, right next to Lady Gaga (haha!), we ofcourse find Arcade Fire. The top line where the headliners are would read as this: Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, The Strokes and Phoenix. Official announcement on April 6.