Sunday, April 04, 2010

Will Butler's postcard to NME

To get some background to what this is all about read this post from a few days back. The first German-ish bit here at the beginning is the description of the postcard. The reason I'm saying "German-ish" is because it's really not correct German. Anyway, here's the full transcript of the postcard Will wrote to NME.
(Oberzt) Memberzen Arcade Fir mit Hausen.
Carolinicher Institut, Weldplatz

Dear NME,
Greetings from the Commonwealth. We are still hard at work on our new album. We can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel, though it is sometimes hard to tell exactly how far off that light is. If you know what I'm sayin'.

We're feeling confident enough at least, to commit to a major festival or two. We're really looking forward to playing the new songs live. It's been a while.

Playing songs to an audience less familiar with them is a specific challenge that I think this band enjoys. It's like an inventor emerging from his basement after a year's work to show off all his new gadgets, and trying to convince people that these new fangled things will actually improve their lives. Something like that. See you soon, I'm sure.

Will Butler
I should also point out that the "exclusive artwork" was, just as I suspected and told you guys, that silhouette picture. And as you've just read there's no mention what so ever of Arcade Fire premiering the songs at Reading and Leeds festivals. They will ofcourse not do a whole bunch of festivals prior to those festivals where they'll only play old songs. It's just NME trying to hype their own festival.

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