Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arcade Fire dot com soon to be relaunched

Looks like some last minute testing is under-way before they unleash the beast. Scott Rodger last week mentioned the website was soon to be revealed. Stay tuned.

*Update #1*
The log-in post is gone now.

*Update #2: April 28th, 01:00 CET*
Further updates. Nothing major though. CrowdSurge seems to be the company dealing with all ticket sales now. Not just for I-Day Festival in Italy.


SupaKat said...

How exciting! This is the best news all day!


joel said...

Oh yeah! Fun times.

Billy said...

Way out west is releasing new bands tomorrow!!! GOOSEBUMPS

joel said...

Billy, check out the new post. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this will be in a matter of hours or days?

joel said...

Rather hours than days I'd think. Scott Rodger said an announcement should be made early this week and tomorrow's Wednesday... :)