Sunday, April 18, 2010

Arcade Fire coming to Italy

The Italian booking agency Indipendiente have on their twitter and facebook announced Arcade Fire are coming to Italy. The city and date will soon be announced. My Italian is non-existent, but it could be the band will play in Bologna on September 2nd.

From what I gather though that specific date/city is far from a certain at this point.

Was just informed it's very very likely that Arcade Fire are indeed playing in Bologna, Italy on September 2nd.


erik said...

This could mean that Arcade Fire will tour in Europe as early as September? If that's the case it's much earlier than I even dared to hope for :)

joel said...

Yeah, definitely looks like it. I'm going to always refer to September now as Epictember! ;)

erik said...

That just my made my day :)

rsdesign said...

Tickets here: