Friday, April 30, 2010

Info about Arcade Fire tickets to Dalhalla

The tickets for this went on general sale this morning and there are now only a very limited number of tickets left to the centre lower and middle sections. So to anyone who is looking to go to this I'd recommend getting your ticket asap so you don't end up on the sides or at the back.

It doesn't really matter where in the lower sections you are. It's just important because sometimes there are security checking you actually have a ticket to the lower sections. Otherwise you won't be allowed to go down there to dance and jump around.

And for those interested; everyone who bought tickets from Arcade (CrowdSurge) will get a ticket to the lower sections from what I've gathered. The very first ended up in "Section C Lower" (1) and when that section was full they started filling up "Section B Lower" (2).
This is awesome because it means it will pretty much only be people in the lower sections who truly love and adore Arcade Fire. Bring it on!!


Magnus said...

Wow, that's great news! I ordered around 14:00 from CrowdSurge so I hope I'll get one at section C or B! It's gonna be totally awesome in every way. I can't wait, I'm still jumping around, full of joy, listening to "Funeral".
See you all there!

joel said...

Hahaha! Me too Magnus. This is going to be epic!! :)

Bring it on!

Peter said...

Do you have any intel about them playing at this years Roskilde festival?

joel said...

Doubt it. Not heard anything about that.