Friday, April 09, 2010

Round 2: Spike Jonze working with Arcade Fire after all...

So says /Film anyway, despite Arcade Fire's publicist denying it yesterday. They claim on their twitter to have gotten confirmation on this from "the highest possible sources". This is what they are saying in full.
Today I learned that Spike Jonze (Where The Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich) was casting a secret film project in Austin Texas. Apparently Spike has been casting mostly late teen actors for the project, which is supposedly a story which involves “friends growing apart.”

The only bits of information I’ve been able to uncover from official sources is that the project is another short film. It seems like Spike isn’t off his short film kick just yet (if you haven’t already, check out his robot love story I’m Here and We Were Once a Fairytale starring Kanye West). I also learned that the film is a collaboration with the band Arcade Fire. You might recall that Spike used Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up,” from their 2004 album Funeral, in the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are. No word on the length or what the official title might be. Thanks to /Film reader Sam for the tip.

The Playlist also backs up /Film's exclusive saying:
Update: Hmm....we've double checked and /Film's report according to sources up the food chain, appears to be on the money. We're waiting to hear back from our own source before we change our headline, but it appears the line in bold below in our original story is the culprit here. If so we gotta say it's really lame when publicists deny things to those they perceive to be low hanging fruit.

It would make sense that the band are readying promotional videos and material for their forthcoming album, particularly as their summer run of festival dates are looming but we will have to wait and see if the publicist's denial is merely to keep fans at bay until official word comes down the proper channels (most likely), or if its just a dream collaboration that's too good to be true.

Usually both of these sites are correct with their info. So, there you have it. Make up your own minds about it. I know what I believe is true. Stick around for more updates as I get them.


Anonymous said...


Like I previously said:

"I think in the end of it all, we're going to find out:

1 - Luke Youcum did the new album's artwork;

2 - They covered Peter Gabriel's "Games without frontiers";

3 - They're working with Spike Jonze;

4 - The album has something to do with that picture of the guys walking around a suburb hunting."

Anonymous said...

^What (s)he said. (I know two people named J, two different genders)

If Yocum isn't doing album artwork, he's doing single artwork.

joel said...

This does raise quite a few questions yeah.

Anonymous said...

J. Stru...

J = he

J = Jason


Anonymous said...

Ahh, thanks J. The J I (horrible pun) is a John.

And I think they need a new publicist. I volunteer Joel, he seems so good with these things and Pitchfork famous!

Anonymous said...

I also vote Joel!

joel said...

aww! ;)