Monday, April 26, 2010

Update: Scenes from the Suburb wrap party

ATX Event Systems just tweeted this.
RT @atxeventsystems: 4/25/10: The Arcade Fire @ Austin Film Studios. 10:30pm.
I'm not sure what it means really. I don't know if it's open to the public. But if you're down in Austin, TX it might be well worth checking out.

This post will be updated as/if more info is made available.

The event is a wrap party for the short film Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze have been working on. The party is a private event. Sorry folks.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, WRAP party? As in they're DONE with this thing? I swear to God, lean, mean, film-making machines! And they have something planned with Vincent Morrisett, too, right? Holy hell! Arcade Fire sure does know how to get shit done...

This new album must have been back-breaking labour. D:

joel said...

Yep, just wrapped things up down there. Was scheduled to finish shooting tomorrow but I guess things went smoother than they expected or something.

The Vincent Morisset thing I'm sure is the new website which is set to be launched any day now.

Fun times!

Anonymous said...

Any day, my guess is tuesday.

And I still think we'll see LP3 in July.

joel said...

I wouldn't mind a July release date one single bit. But I have my money ,as I've said earlier, on an August-September release date. I hope I'm wrong.

Carter said...

I talked friends with movie connections in Austin and they say Arcade Fire did not play at the party.

joel said...

So I heard too. Apparently they also switched location when it became public the party was going to be at Austin Film Studios. The party was over at Nomad instead.

Thanks for passing on the info anyway Carter!