Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arcade Fire show(s) in Dublin & other tidbits

  • Scott Rodger last night confirmed Arcade Fire are coming to Dublin, Ireland this year. Could be those dates at the O2 Jim Carroll hinted at earlier.
  • The new official website will soon be launched.
  • Shows will be announced weekly on
  • Arcade Fire will come to Spain later in the year.
  • There will be some more UK shows announced, but not many.
  • A date in Finland this time around may well be on the cards.
  • There's a presale for Ottawa Bluesfest here. Promo code: place
  • Presale also for Arcade Fire at I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy. No code needed.


Carter said...

Another thing to note is that has a really good store now--all the stuff on vinyl (including the LCD soundsystem EP), singles that used to be only available in Europe, etc.

joel said...

True. But the new store has been up and running now for quite some time. The people running it now are really kind and helpful too so I would definitely recommend shopping there.

Higgins said...

Delighted that they are doing more shows in Ireland than just Oxygen...I know I am greedy but I don't care.

joel said...

The best kind of greediness.

Gra said...

Wooohoooo! Been waiting for something to back up what Jim hinted at. Cant wait for official announcement :-)

joel said...

Exciting times ahead!