Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spike Jonze & Arcade Fire - Scenes from the Suburb

Told you guys a few days ago the short film's working title is likely "Scenes from the Suburb". Today I was told a production assistant said to look for the film in mid-August (thanks Lacey!). Would make perfect sense with how I see Arcade Fire go about releasing their new album.

Yesterday I found the casting call for the short film Spike Jonze and the band are collaborating on. It includes some pretty interesting facts like how long the shooting down in Austin will continue for and characters needed for the short film. Most eye-catching is probably that Jonze is looking for people with a "suburban look". Draw your own conclusions.
Paid Extras Casting Call For Spike Jonze Short Film in Austin, Texas

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Paid Extras Casting Call For Spike Jonze Short Film in Austin, Texas.

Studio/Independent/Student: Studio
Project Type: Short Film
Location: Austin, Texas
Schedule: April 20 – April 26, 2010

Director: Spike Jonze

Character Breakdowns:
Extras Needed:

* MILITARY: Men and women (over 18) with a military background or who look convincingly military. Any ethnicity. All body types considered. Especially need bigger/tougher looking men.
* MOTHER: Age 40-60. Need frail/thin. Small.
* TRUCKERS: Truck Drivers or those with a trucker look. Bigger guys. Facial hair okay. Age 25-55.
* BUSINESSMEN: Corporate business types. Confident, capable. Age 40-55.
* TOWNSPEOPLE: All ages and ethnicities. Especially looking for those with a middle class or suburban look.

Day rate for all roles is $58/8, except for Mother, who is $100/12

Paid/Non-Paid: Paid
Meals/Transportation Provided: Meal, Beverages

If you are interested in working with us, please email your NAME, BEST CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, and a RECENT PHOTOGRAPH to

Please tell us which category above you think you’re right for (MILITARY, TOWNSPERSON, etc) and put that IN THE SUBJECT LINE of your email. Please also tell us which days between APR 20 and APR 26 you are available.


Anonymous said...

ha! This is great news!

I thought that the only cool things from Sweden were Ingmar Bergman and Sofia Karlsson, but I have to send a "Hälsningar" to "the" Joel!


joel said...

Ingmar Bergman is turning in his grave. haha!