Thursday, April 08, 2010

Final update: Spike Jonze working with Arcade Fire

According to filmmaker John Estrada Arcade Fire are right now down in Austin, TX shooting videos with world famous director Spike Jonze. This makes me so massively excited I'm not sure what to do with myself. Aaaah. I can't tell you all how bad I want this to be the case.

I want to stress that all this has not been confirmed.

*Update #1*
John Estrada has now protected his tweets. He didn't really say anything more though of importance than what I've already told you guys above.

*Update #2*
The guys over at Consequence of Sound have gotten word from Arcade Fire's publicist saying the rumours are untrue. Sad face.

*Final update: 9th April*
It's now of course been confirmed Arcade Fire are indeed collaborating with Spike Jonze.


daniluna said...

where are they shooting?!

joel said...

I wish I knew. All I've heard is they apparently are down in Austin, TX shooting with Spike Jonze. However, it needs to be pointed out that all this has not been confirmed.

daniluna said...

i read it on twitter so it must be true haha
i am in austin so if i see anything i will let you know :)

joel said...

Great! I'd very much appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! It seems that every single time we get our hopes up in some rumour, Arcade Fire's publicist comes out and denies it!

I came back here today to check if new details came, and when I saw the big "NOT" I had to laugh.

Soon, though. By the end of April, we'll get a press release or something.

joel said...

I can't take much more of this. Put me out of my misery, AF.

Anonymous said...

I think in the end of it all, we're going to find out:

1 - Luke Youcum did the new album's artwork;

2 - They covered Peter Gabriel's "Games without frontiers";

3 - They're working with Spike Jonze;

4 - The album has something to do with that picture of the guys walking around a suburb hunting.

Anonymous said...

Everything their publicist denied will end up being true!