Friday, June 26, 2009

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Arcade Fire-d up for return
"It could be that we'll play live soon," says Win Butler,
opening the lid on new writing sessions

Arcade Fire have revealed that they have cancelled their hiatus to gear up work on the follow-up to 2007's 'Neon Bible'.
Frontman Win Butler told NME the band have enjoyed their time away from the limelight since the 'Neon Bible' tour ended at the beginning of 2008, but that they could return to live and record-releasing action sooner rather than later.
"None of us want to take three years making a record," he explained. "It could be that we'll play live [soon] and maybe we'll end up bashing it [another album] out fast. We're in the middle of writing, things are coming together, it's a great feeling."
Butler added that the band's songwriting process at home in Montreal had reverted to how it was before they found fame, moving away from the high-pressure of having to deliver a follow-up to acclaimed 2005 debut 'Funeral'.
"After the last tour we decided to stop," he explained. "But over the last few months we've been coming back out and wanting to play together. Before 'Funeral' me and Régine [Chassagne, Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist and Butler's wife] had this big room to rehearse in. We never had scheduled band practice. People like Tim [Kingsbury, bass/guitar] and Richard [Reed Parry, multi-instrumentalist] and Will [Butler, synth/bass/percussionist] would come by and work on a song. Now the guys are calling and wanting to come over. We're writing and allowing the arrangements to happen. It's exciting. The first time you play a song and it comes alive it's the real deal. There's a lot of that these days."
After confirming that songwriting sessions were ticking along nicely, Butler revealed that he had also started to get the itch to play live again. "If you had asked me six months ago I'd be like, 'No, I'm good'," he outlined. "But now I go to a gig and I get the little... I can imagine being on that stage. It's the step before you actually go and do it."

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