Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Win's scrapbook 2008-04-22

Regine and I went to the Jay Reatard show at the Sala Rosa on Friday, and it was the best live performance we have seen in a really long time...The three of them play like they are one instrument, and there is such a unique since of melody, which is really rare in music with that kind of crazy manic enrgy...

So great to see a headlining show that is 25 minutes long!!!!

Speaking of a high energy band with great melodies, we might be playing a couple of free outdoor shows in North Carolina for the Obama campagin with SUPERCHUNK!!!
How cool would that be!



Yeeha! Fler Obama-gig! För jag kan meddela att det blir av, två stycken dessutom:
1 maj - Coliseum Complex Pavilion Parking Lot, Greensboro, NC
2 maj - Town Commons, Carrboro, NC

Ryktas om att Bossen kan dyka upp också... Mycket mer om detta framöver såklart. Ni kommer väl ihåg hur det såg ut senast i Cleveland? Om inte kanske detta friskar upp minnet:
Heroes (David Bowie cover)

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