Monday, February 02, 2009

Sarah's Cookbook 2009-01-31


Greetings from the future!
I forgot about updating this thing for, oh, 2 years. but all's well, now's the time for doing all those impossible seeming things that needed doing.
re-getting drivers license
getting the 2nd bell orchestre record out (it's actually happening people! March 10th, hurraaaah!)
watching the u.s. elect president Obama!!!!!
going to india!!

I believe my blog is called sarah's cookbook, and I've never really lived up to that. there was once a time I planned on food writing on tour- I couldn't do it.

So do I have a recipe today for the internet world??
Well, in this climate of minus a billion degrees I've been making a lot of slow cooked meat dishes. Very comforting, a little goes a long way kind of cuisine.

Take a bunch of lamb, cut into medium size chunks- bone or no bone- and brown over medium high heat in a heavy pan. Remove when nice and brown.
In the same pan, cook 1 or 2 (depends on how much lamb your making!) onions, sliced thin, until golden brown- adding some wine och stock if they start to stick.
Add some chopped aromatics- carrots, celery... stir until softened.
add one large can of tomatoes (chopped) in their juice, 2 wine glasses of red wine, 2 cups preferably home made stock.
Add browned lamb back to the pan. Bring to a boil, add some lovely things like good black olives (whole) lemon slices, a couple cinnamon sticks, maybe some dried apricots or prunes, then reduce heat to med-low and simmer for a good couple of hours. You want the meat to be super tender, falling apart. Leave the lid off the last while to thicken things up a bit.
Make some good rice or couscous and you have yourself and really fine cold weather meal that will make people very very happy.


It was a pleasure blogging for you, and I apologize for the absence!


A really goofy picture of Bell Orchestre in the Yukon!

Kul att höra från Sarah!! Det trodde jag aldrig.
Kanske skulle testa det där långkoket någon dag här framöver.

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