Friday, September 04, 2009

Fine poetry by Owen Pallett

In what I believe is a response to Wayne Coyne's continued bullshitting about Arcade Fire, their old touring crew and whatnot Owen Pallett, aka Final Fantasy, came up with this stinging poem.
You drink too much gin
You're never gonna win
Seven deadly sins
My cat's name is Lynn.

You're a teen dream
You look so serene
But I'm not so keen
On your touring machine.

Take a load of your backs
The future of music
Is confetti machines
And CD backing tracks.
Ouuuuch, Coyne! Ouch! Needless to say I love the last last three lines. The sarcasm detector is just going haywire. But not only that, the amount of CD backing tracks used by The Flaming Lips is nothing short of embarrassing for a band which easily could afford to have some people doing all that live.

Thanks Owen for brighten up an otherwise cloudy day.

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