Friday, September 04, 2009

Online store redesigned!

Arcade Fire have redesigned their online store. So jump over to and check it out. Looks pretty slick and most definitely much more user friendly. This will no doubt cause someone out there to go all "OMGZ! OMG! NEW ALBUM OUT ANY SECOND!!", you know, the usual crap. Should that happen and rumours starts flying... Well, just chill. Bell Orchestre have, as I said in an earlier post (although in Swedish back then), set out to tour the west coast in the US as late as in November which in all likelihood rules out any potential release date on this side of the new year.
- How 'bout a new hoodie, Joel?
- You're so clever, Joel!


Emilio said...

vad är det för skillnad på funeral european och north american version? har du någon aning joel?

joel said...

På deras online store har de samma omslag för båda versionerna men det är lite skillnad på dem.



I övrigt inga skillnader.