Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spike Jonze is a legend!

Spike Jonze wrote the whole Where The Wild Things Are script to Arcade Fire's album Funeral. No word of lie! Read the man's own words for yourselves in this interview by Mr. Beaks for Ain't It Cool News.
Beaks: Given your commercial-directing background, I'd like to think they would've craved your marketing input.

Jonze: And they really did. They really allowed us to be involved. They didn't have to, but they did. The initial trailer... that Arcade Fire song ["Wake Up"] was something I'd used along the way in cutting stuff. Before we shot the movie, I cut together this mood piece; I used footage from E.T., RATCATCHER and THE BLACK STALLION, and cut together this mood piece to the song. I showed it to the crew to give them a sense of the tone and the feeling of the film before we shot. It was a way to get everyone to the same place. I wrote the whole script to Arcade Fire's FUNERAL, and I listened to that song a lot. That record is thematically very connected to the film. So it seems so perfect that we got to put that in the trailer.
Astonishing! Like if you against all odds didn't plan on seeing Where The Wild Things Are before... I mean, now you have to. Not seeing it is not an option any more. I don't have to remind you guys of this trailer, right? I'm just gonna do it anyway.

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