Friday, February 26, 2010

Jonathan Demme's Arcade Fire documentary that never was

In an interview with The Boston Phoenix the very talented director Jonathan Demme revealed he would have been in Haiti right now shooting a 'music driven' documentary with Arcade Fire, if the horrible earthquake hadn't happened.
I was heading for Haiti last Friday with the band Arcade Fire. We were going to do a music driven, kind of music documentary, against a backdrop of carnival in Jacmel - the great, now devastated, south coast Haitian city. We had our final conference call the morning of the day the quake struck. We were gonna go down anyway until we realized we can't really get there. My personal feeling was, those who go down two months or three months from now, with a specific mission in mind, will be valuable in their own way, as the people that are going now. So I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go within the next six months, but I haven't been yet.
Really doubt something will come out of this now. Sounds like it could have been something truly amazing.


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