Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arcade Fire are taking licensing requests

Bank Robber Music just announced the following via their twitter.
**Arcade Fire are taking licensing requests for the next 10 days with proceeds going to Haiti relief org., Partners In Health. Hit us up!**
This is the first time Arcade Fire have publicly stated they'll consider offers to use their music in movies, films, tv series etc etc. But as stated above, only for the next 10 days and only to help raise money to Partners In Health so they can continue their tremendous work in Haiti following last week's devastating earthquake.


Luis Campos said...

Another great initiative from Arcade Fire.
If i only had enough money...... Their music is my influence in everything i do, artistically speaking. My scripts are written under their music's feeling, ideals and mood. What else can we say... They're just the best band of this decade!

Your blog is the best!
I daily check it up!

joel said...

Glad to hear it, Luis :)