Monday, September 01, 2008

Jeremy's scrapbook 2008-08-31


hey stephen harper. nicely timed, with all this election chatter and all. most people, when they're not happy with their jobs, find a new one before they quit the old one. you wouldn't turf a pair of sneakers before you had a new pair, would you? not sneakers, no... but the arts! well...
so what are your new and improved plans for all those funding moneys? you know, for the people who've essentially lost their jobs (ie: you fired). you wouldn't close a manufacturing plant without some options for the workers in it, would you? wait... would you?
you fancy yourself a music fan, yet you have no respect for musicians. shame. you probably enjoy film, too. what hypocrisy!

För er som inte vet det redan så är Stephen Harper Kanadas nuvarande premiärminister.

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