Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jeremy's scrapbook 2008-09-25


Earlier today Stephen Harper suggested that ordinary Canadians would understand the cuts his government made to the culture.
And suggested "ordinary Canadians" might not understand rich people (referring to artists) sitting around complaining about their lack of grants.
- Rosemary Barton, CBC News

ordinary like... you, stephen harper? the CBC reported in 2004 that the prime minister makes somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 a year.
the house of commmons sits for what, 8 months of a year? not a bad salary for taking a third of the year off...

i'm extremely lucky to be in a very successful band (i dare you to try to argue we just sit around and eat grant money), and i would bet you made more money than i did last year, mister PM. i see a lot of my friends not in super successful rock bands depend on grant money for rent and food, to PAY for their work (working harder than you do?) at their art, with the hopes of gaining enough success to eke out a living at it.

i'd agree, maybe, that most people struggling to make their art are NOT like ordinary canadians, only because they make well BELOW the national average of income. and if you consider yourself to be an ordinary canadian, stephen harper, then the tie that binds must be hockey or coffee or something because you sure make a lot more money that most canadians i know.

in the end, and it's just a broad sweeping general sort of insult, not totally based in knowing anything about you (but that's sort of your style, no?)... but in the end i'd argue that you, stephen harper, are the rich man that sits around a third of the year on a salary we all chip in towards, listening to music and watching movies made by people who work a hell of a lot harder than you do.

i'm going to try my hardest to VOTE YOU OUT OF THERE.

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