Thursday, January 29, 2009

Intervju med Win i UNCUT

Musikmagasinet UNCUT har fått tag på Win och följaktligen pratat lite med honom om bl.a. arbetet med soundtracket till The Box och att möta Bruce Springsteen. Här är ett utdrag/sammanfattning av intervjun.
Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler revealed he had a "horrifying experience" when he went to the Grammys.

The 28-year-old told Uncut magazine the lack of food and drink at the ceremony led to a "s****y" time.

Win, whose real name is Edwin Farnham Butler III, said: "We went to the Grammys for the first time, it was so s****y. You go to this venue, like a conference centre, at about 10 in the morning, and it's totally dry - no food, water, alcohol. Then it's two in the afternoon and we haven't eaten."

Texas-raised Win said he and his bandmates had to watch Slipknot win the award for Heavy Metal Album and was amused to see one band memer, in usual full costume and mask, make an acceptance speech which went: "Grraggrrrh ggrrhhll rrrgghhhmmm."

He continued: "Then they shuffle you over to the main event, at the Staple Center. No one's eaten all day, by now it's three in the afternoon and there's people in tuxedos in the hotdog line offering 100 dollars for a hotdog. It's this total crush of humanity trying to get hotdogs. It was a horrifying experience."

Win also said he has "never been interested in being a solo artist" and is not planning to leave Arcade Fire in the near future.
Win avslöjade också att de skrivit "tonvis av nytt material". Låter ju onekligen mycket bra! Om jag får tag på hela intervjun kommer den givetvis dyka upp här så snabbt som möjligt.

Hur grym är inte den där N.A.S.A.-skivan förresten och appråpå grym, hur besviken blev man inte på Wild Lights skiva. Tråkigt.

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