Saturday, May 08, 2010

Arcade Fire bullets

  • Arcade Fire certainly look like they're in the last phases of finishing up the new album after John Russell tweeted they had been mixing their material before they themselves started in that studio.
  • The whispers of a September release date are growing stronger.
  • Here's a mp3 recording of Arcade Fire at Glastonbury 2007 from my dvd of that same gig.
  • Coldplay Attempt Hostile Takeover of The Arcade Fire. "Bono [meaning Bono]", just one of many highlights. I laughed quite a bit at this witty piece. A lot of it has to with the fact the headline is (almost) true.
  • It makes me very happy to hear from people all over Europe who are flying in for Arcade Fire's first announced solo show at Dalhalla in Sweden. I know of people from Ireland, England, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France and Finland who are coming over just for this gig. To anyone making the trip over; feel free to drop me a line. Good fun reading about it. Hope the weekend is treating you all well.

Adding Holland to the list. Has to be some Norwegians who'll cross the boarder, right?

Update #2
The Americans want in on the fun as well. Cool!


sjefraaistra said...

Dear Joel,

i'm from Holland and thanks to you I read about Dalhalla. I'm coming with a friend and I just wanted to thank you! Have a great time there and let's hope it will be a night we'll never forget.

x Guus

joel said...

Hey Guus!
Great to hear it. Glad I could be of help. Hope you two will have fantastic time over here.

Can't wait for this! :)

Nisse said...

hur gör man för att ladda ner Mp3-filen det vill sig inte när jag försöker

joel said...

Type the four character code in the box and hit enter. Wait for the timer to count down (45 seconds) and click the download button.

Or install the firefox add-on SkipScreen and you don't have to do much at all. It does the work for you.

Adrien said...

Can't wait to be in Sweden!
The Icelandic volcano scares the shit out of me though...

Crossing my fingers!


Adrien said...

And thank you for the live at glastonbury !!

joel said...

Yeah, really hope that volcano has calmed down come the end of June. It has caused me enough problems already.

You're welcome, Adrien!

Albert said...

I'm thinking of coming over from Australia for the Dalhalla gig, but need some help with travel info (as I should be in Denmark the next day for Roskilde). I'll have a Eurail pass in hand, if that helps :)

Joel said...

That's great Albert! Send me a mail with what you need to know etc.