Monday, May 10, 2010

Solo show! Arcade Fire at Tempodrom

A new solo show has been announced, the second one following the outdoor show at Dalhalla in Sweden. Arcade Fire have found another great venue, Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany where they'll play a bit later in the summer on August 31st. Tickets are on presale now! Grab your tickets while there are some left. This is a venue which fits about 3,500 people so tickets are bound to sell out quickly when word gets out.
Venue: Tempodrom

Tickets on sale now both via Arcade and MCT. €1 from all tickets sold goes to Partners in Health.


Anonymous said...

This scared me a little. I woke up today to check for new news, I saw an image with yellow and black stripes and my heart sank- thinking it was album artwork or the new website. Unfortunately, I see the words "Solo show!" and got my hopes up for nothing... ): oh well, good for Germany!

joel said...

You'd think the new website will be launched any minute, but I don't know any more.