Monday, October 13, 2008

Jeremy's scrapbook 2008-10-13

OCT 13 - nownownow

if you haven't yet, today's the day to do your research into who you will vote for tomorrow.

DO NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE. please please please, do not vote conservative. you may think things are just kind of bad that it doesn't really make a difference, but you'll only really see how bad it is a year or two from now. (um, that's halfway into their next term)...

if you care about our destroyed health care system, if you care about teachers, if you care about culture... DO NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE.


xo j

Så vad Jeremy vill få fram här är helt enkelt är att varenda kanadensare ska rösta på de konservativa imorgon.... eller jaha, INTE rösta på de konservativa. Du måste vara lite mer TYDLIG Jeremy!

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